Saturday, February 19, 2011

I just think

It could have been him

It could be him next time

And what would I do?

And I sit and pray and wish and hope that that next time doesn't happen

And I morn the loss of my brother that could have happened, so easily

And I hope that that day never comes

But these losses along the way, such a waste

Such a shock to the system

And he rings me, and tells me he loves me

And I know that he is hurting.

And I know that he is thinking the same.

I worry about him so much anyway, when things like this happens, I worry even more.

It is so sad
Everything pauses.
Nothing happens.
Everything happens at once.
It feels like being in the eye of a storm, of people, phone calls.
It brings people together, it tears people apart.

I wish it would stop happening.
Just when everything is going fine...

1 comment:

  1. IT still going fine and will continue to.
    thinking of you x