Thursday, September 23, 2010

sweet heart

I break in two
There is one half for me
A half for you

I hold my breath
And wait for this
To pass
I know it will
It always does

I wish
There is one lone star
And a yearning in my heart
I wish

I sing
Sing along
The saddest songs
All day long
All day long

I walk backwards
And wonder what part of me
Decided that that was a good idea
I shush myself
But its already too late
The damage is done
I hang my head
Listening to the scene unfold before me
I know how it turns out
The ending

I wait
I wait
I wait


Cross my fingers hard
Hold my breath
I hope that there are survivors

My heart breaks in two
One for me
One for you

We can put it back together
I know
I know
We can

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