Sunday, September 12, 2010

who, me?

I had a productive day in some respects…I learned how to use i tunes and my i pod…well…im learning…its going to take a while..but ill get there. I see one star outside. a sign of hope, maybe?
How my heart breaks today…

Im skimming through Linda Goodman's LOVE SIGNS…and the descriptions of me (aquarian) are so funny…but very accurate, its scary…

"…their vision, spanning the years, the decades, and even centuries, gives them the benefit of an extra dimensions or two…which accounts for the vague expression in their eyes…"

"Some aquarian(s) enjoy it so much out there in tomorrow…leaving their flesh bodies behind to manage as best they can during the absence, walking around zombie-like, neither hearing nor seeing, and speaking in an unintelligible mumble…do you see why aquarius is also called the sign of insanity?"

"Aquarians are well aware that they posses this half and half nature (insanity and genius) and they are all rather marvelously untroubled by it…happily admitting their quirks…"

"…aquarians often mumble in unintelligible, monosyllables, at times, like "Yep" - "Nope" -"Uh-huh" - and "Grmmmpphhff" "

"Aquarious…always know far more than they spill carelessly out of their little brown jugs…they receive their kicks from life by speaking Sanskrit, underwater…whispering through a megaphone, while chewing bubble gum, underwater…their conversations often sound like a tape recorder played backwards at high speed…Even when their remarks are clear enough to sound like a tape being played forward at slow speed, there are usually lots of blank spots…"

"even the timid Aquarian counts everyone as friend…from the postman, to the president…its all they can do, these people, to keep themselves straightened out on the difference between girls and boys, top and bottom, black and white…etc…the term 'buddy' is used to describe lovers, wives, cats, dogs, squirrels, children, muggers, pickpocketers, relatives…"

"The water bearer will need a firm grip to keep from slipping over the wobbly line between Genius and Insanity…"

" The Aquarian lady is different, she intrigues because she is mysterious...its the mystery of wondering if shes for facinates..."

"She has a deliberately vague air about her...Like when she begins a sentence, and leaves it hanging there...when she stares off into the distance when shes saying 'i love you...' having trouble remembering her lovers name"

"She collects things that facinate her..."

"Carry you own @@**!!%$*& chair home on your back...I'm going on a camping trip tomorro, by myself - and ill be gone a week or more. dont call me, ill call you if i feel like it, which i wont" She slams the door and speeds away in her station wagon, on her way to no where - to 'calmly' think it over...Shel come home in 15 mins or so, her anger cooled, and bring her lover a gift, a peace offering - perhaps a puppy she found wandering around...but she will have to learn that volatile is not an 8 letter word for happiness"

"She is the Black Sheep...but this is not a negative term...she just has the gumption to be different"

"She'll seldom retract anything she's said, if she felt deeply enough when she said it...but her eccentricities of dress and manners, her sudden zig and zags of behaviour...cannot be described as dependable...they can only be described as unsettleing"

"She knows theres never a need to conform to anything unless you want to...Shes always content to live by the seashore without knocking folks that prefer the mountains...Shes always worn her hair the way she wanted...Whats wrong with going to church on sunday, then having lunch with an atheist?...just live and let live..."

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