Sunday, April 3, 2011


Tomorro Im giving a talk to the women's group in town. My aunt asked me to do if, they've been trying to get this other crowd in for ages, and they keep canceling. So...Shelly to the rescue!
I'm pretty excited. Not nervous at all. I don't really get nervous about things anymore, I just get excited, and look forward to them instead. There's really no point in getting nervous, I just turn in to a wreck when Im nervous, so screw that. Waste of energy.
They want to know how to make a quilt. I did a bit of research, the history of quilting and all that jazz. Don't get me wrong...I love quilts, in the practical sort of way. Hell, when I get around to measuring out squares that are all the same size, but all different patterns, Ill make my own one and curl up with in with a cup of coco and a book...But, it doesn't get my creative juices flowing, if you get me.
And as useless as I am doing any sort of 'practical' research online in general, Im ten times worse when Im not overly enthusiastic about what Im researching.
But its ok. Ive got the bones of it, and it should all come together. I think its a fairly informal sort of meeting anyway. Its not like they are expecting some sort of powerpoint presentation, with hand outs and the like...although that would be pretty impressive, if I was talking to them about 1930s traveling circuses in the American south west...but Im not, Im talking about quilts.

All that aside...its good to do things that take you out of your comfort zone, that get you to think in a different way, and get you in circles of people that you would not normally mix with. And of course, its another thing to add to the aul cv, which needs a good dusting off at this stage.

Yea, looking forward to tomorrow :)
And that will be one more thing scratched off the list :)

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