Friday, March 11, 2011


I am having such a GOOD day, and I cant stress that enough :)
Im a little cold, but right now, that is at the back of my mind.

This morning, I received a lovely txt from Dear Jane, which started me off on my rambling way of loveliness today. I did a very quick sketch this morning of something I want to start tonight.
I have allowed myself to spend as long on it as I feel I have to. Im not in college anymore, so Im not restricted to get something done in a day. Im going to enjoy this, if it takes two days, or two weeks, two months or two years. Theres no sense in forcing it. I have a whole body of work in my head. Ive been researching for months, and I think its now time to start making the work that Ive been dreaming about since before I even started college.
My work
And it really will be mine. There wont be any interfering or questioning or arguing or heartache. It will be bliss, absolutely.
Im so looking forward to it, My heart is ACTUALLY RACING Im that excited...I don't know when the last time I got that excited over the prospect of drawing before !

Among all other things today, I dyed my hair, did my errands in town, fed the animals, walked around the garden a bit, side stepped with Reilly, now I just have to do a few tweaky bits with one of my other many projects, and then the evening is mine, to do what I like with :)

You should see my face, pure glee


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