Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Without darkness, there would be no light.

I saw the tiniest sliver of moon last night, through the thinnish blanket of clouds, when I was putting the dogs in last night. There is a nice sort of energy at the moment...we all seem to be going a bit backwards with this cooling of weather, and we could be tricked into thinking that there is, in fact, only one season, on this cocooned little island of ours, but let me reassure you:
Spring is here (even if it doesn't feel like it)
And how do I know this with such a conviction?
Because one of our daffodils opened up yesterday!
So in her honour, I wore my yellow scarf today :)

Life drawing is definately starting to grow on me, and I was looking forward to today's class.
Its nice getting there first, you get to choose where you want to sit, and set up your space properly.
I got a good few drawings that I was happy with today, which is more then I can say I ever got out of life drawing classes in college. I don't think...no...I think there is two sheets that I did in college, that I loved. And I still have them...pretty sure the rest went in the bin.

Anyways...there's a lot going on, but its all good, and that makes me happy.
I really LOVE having something concrete to do. A list of things that need doing, and need doing down.
Specific tasks, like, tracing out images I like from a stack of national geographics, because I want to use them in my work...cropping and resizing images, collecting research for quilt making and felt making, and doing research for a collaborative project Im working on with my dear, stateside, friend.

So everything is looking up, Up, UP!

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