Monday, March 14, 2011

It's show and tell time!

Heaven is: A freshly made cup of real coffee

Bliss is: Watching your cat snooze on your bed

Happiness is: Being loaned a pile of National Geographics, and perusing them at your leisure...finding lots of goodies inside!

Some things that I am being drawn to, like a moth to light, or a horse to water...there is something about the shapes, the people I don't have any connection to...that is inspiring me at the moment. Thursday...Thursday I will start to make these into realizations. Try to pin certain things down, or at least figure out what is drawing me to this particular point to drink?
What is it that Im trying to say. When I know that, Ill start working.

In other news: I put plastic over my poor beloved strawberry plants that martina gifted to me, today.
There was a freak break in the weather this afternoon. I took the bull by the horns, and went out and started tidying up the place. We have several 'grassy' plants, thats the best way I can describe them...and they shed, I guess you could say, during the winter. Now, I have never been home at this time of year, Im usually at college, So, horns in hand, I ventured out, not really sure what I was to do, And began raking the sheded grass. Pulled out all the dead everything that had collected beneath the main grassy plant, and under our two mini weeping willows, then proceeded to dead head...or stalk, my colony of lupins, that have spread themselves far and wide, thankfully, because we all love them. Basically, anything that looked dead, I pulled out...anything that looked dead, but I thought should prolie stay, I left. The last thing I wanted to do was pull something thats not meant to be pulled.

I also repotted my aloe vera, which has my heart broken even since that strap, Suzie, ran into it a few months ago, knocking it out of its pot. So Its been repotted, and if it isn't happy where it is now, I give up and Ill throw it into the thicket, because I cant look at it being sad anymore, its too depressing.

Also, Im making headway on Allison's dress, which is good. As Ive never made a dolls dress before, its all a learning experience, so Im not being too hard on myself...
What else...
I think thats pretty much it. I made an awesome dinner for me and mum tonight
Roasted carrot, parsnip and sweet potato...Stir fried veg which garlic and chili, Lemon and Pepper Sole...and a side salad with home made dressing ! nom NOMMY num nom

It was good...clean plates...always a good sign :)

Off to bed now, places to go and people to see tomorrow :)
Excitement, and updates to follow

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