Thursday, March 10, 2011

I had such a lovely day, I really did.
The weather left a lot to be desired, but once you get over that, and sort of accept its skitzophrenic tendencies, everything else is just a bonus.
I went for a drive to Castlebar, to run some errands with Jane...good excuse to get a chance to drive around Castlebar really...which is sorely needed. We went to the resource centre, where I picked up lots of really nice, useable, things. After hearing about the wonder of the resource centre for years, I finally laid my little peepers on it, and boy did it not disappoint in any way shape or form. My bed is still covered with my findings...
Then we popped down to the charity shops where I picked up some baby's clothes for my recently dusted off, American girl doll. I obviously have to do a number on the clothes, as they are all WAY too big, but itl be a nice little project, along with all my other little projects :)
If I was doing half the amount Im thinking of doing, Id be flying it.
Ill start in today... o.O
Darted to easons, where I grabbed a 3 pack of sketch books, cant go wrong there...Then back up the town to the other charity shops, where low and behold, I came across a sheet set with the x-men, among others, on it. I don't know what Im going to do with it just yet, but it has definitely found a good home :)
Then, headed on down to Tesco and picked up a few little treats...some Curiosity Cola...and had a picnic in the car with Jane, which was really nice ^_^

Back home, I had to collect my beloved dogs from nana's house, via the Shelly Mobile, because they have taken a habit of wandering over there...Of course the weather decided to changed DRAMATICALLY and began to hail as I pulled up. They were all wet and looked quite sorry for themselves as they hopped into the back of the car.
I called in to nana, she was grand, sitting next to the fire :)

After doing all that needed to be done at home, donkeys, dogs and cats fed and watered, called back round to Pages for a bit to sort out some stuff. Then landed back home to find this little message waiting for me...talking about him/me/us not getting into the finalists for the beatport Pioneer dj equipment competition :)
That scones with cocaine sign he has as his profile picture, is located just as your coming into Bally-happy-dreams. The first time I saw it, Me and mum were going up to monaghan early one morning, and I was half asleep, so I thought I had imagined it.


Eoghain sent you a message.
Eoghain Carroll
Eoghain Carroll10 March 2011 at 09:57
its ok man, i wouldnt worry bout it. ur work was amazing and im sure it wasnt even half as amazing as you could have done based on the shit i have seen you do and the time restrictions u were under..... thank god.. and i saw loads of other pics i would have picked instead of the ones that got through.. but going on beat port comps i been looking at other ones that are mix comps they are in general shite soo to be fair we were just to good and im happy with that :) so dont worry bout it and ill get my dream set up some day :):) night just back from daedalus and i posted that letter back yesterday so shud be home soon.. nightt xxxx

The (B) Project is starting to take flight. I showed her this tonight and she thought it was the business :) I nearly couldnt get the computer back off her :)
Im starting to see wings out of the corners of my eyes !

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