Friday, November 26, 2010

tomorro will be interesting to say the least

i found this the other day on ... where i have been spending quite a considerable amount of time...the images are absolutely beautiful, to say the least...and i keep coming across things like this...words...words that look amazing...that mean something...i think im going to start doing my own...ive always found that cross over, the most difficult to bridge and navigate...i want to say something, but i don't know how, and when i do, no one ever can see what i meant to say...they make up their own interpretation...which is what art is...but i just...well maybe i will come back to it one day...and not mind so much that my message is lost in translation.
this speaks to me
a lot...

im going to the protest tomorrow. im thinking of making a banner today. 
im staying in galway tonight with either paddy or bronwyn. 
im charging my camera as i write this.
i hope i don't get hurt
but after listening to that woman on the radio yesterday...
i think
its something in my blood
ive grown up as 'on the fringe' as i can, without even realizing it
when your a baby you don't realize these things...
but its in my blood
im a revolutionary...
mam and dad have made sure of that.

but they are waning now...even mum this morning was like
i should really be going with you
but what good will it do?

they are jaded and understandably so
they have seen it and done it
they are so involved with everything, that when shit goes down, they are the first to know
and i think they are just tired
tired of everything
their like old dogs that want to play fetch
but just cant get up the strength to move

im young
and angry
i will be pounding the streets like im pounding these keys
im sick of sitting and watching
i need to be in the thick of it
i have to feel something
and if they break my legs
let them
and if i get pelted with bottles
so be it
and if the guards are pigs
ill get the pictures
and take videos
and put them up
and let them see

we need numbers
if everyone keeps thinking
what good will it do
they never listen
then thats what will happen

we need the numbers
we should be in the streets
the world needs to know that we are angry and we are ashamed of this country and the state that its in
im marching for all those that cant
people who have to work
mams who have little babies
the disabled
the homeless
people about to lose their house
people who CANT actually get to dublin for whatever reason
my brother
my mother
my father
all our family
im representing anyone that wants me to
and thats the way i see it
everyone who will be there
will be representing all those that cant be there

we have got to be heard
they have to see us in the streets
they have to see the young
the old
the well dressed
the poor
the scum
the artist
the hippy
the jock
the chav
the farmer
the teacher
the mother
the injured
the hurt 

they need to see us in our thousands

and even if it doesn't get anything done
and nothing changes
at least the world will see that we are not happy

and then maybe ill be able to sleep at night again.

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