Sunday, October 24, 2010


i had a dream that i walked over to janes last night...
and reilly was with me, which never would actually happen.
aidan came out from that little slip road up to the big hill with towser...
and then suddenly there were lots and lots of dogs...mostly greyhounds and whippets...but some others as well.
then cars started pulling up, with distant relations of janes...they had come over for a wedding or something and wanted to take candid photos in the country with cows...and farmers...etc
reilly disappeared, prolie not much inpressed with the carry on...and i resigned myself to not look for him until the sleus of people had dissappated...i went to janes for some tea, but the wedding party was all there...and janes house was more of an old stlye country cafe then the house i know it as. I sat for moments while she busied herself in my general area while distant...and i mean distant...relations asked her daft questions which i cant remember now.
the reilly was the cafe/house...and in my relief i shot up and left...outside the comotion was no more...but there was a house next to janes, which actually isnt there...a really old old one...very oldie. And there were all these mangled dirty rotten looking cats sitting on the the gutters...standing in the this starting to sound familiar...?
So as me and reilly walked on, these two kittens...a black one and a mottly sort of ginger one started following us...i cant tell if they were supposed to represent squeek and suzie in the dream, but i dont think they were...or at least i hope they werent...
because every time the black one meowed longingly for me to pick up its dirty skinny body, its mouth opened and looked like it was one of those horrible deep sea know the ones with the razor sharp teeth...
and very scary in the dream

i hope that these cat dreams arent coming back to torture me on a nightly basis
if thats the case, i look forward to being an insomniac again


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