Tuesday, October 26, 2010

im up before alex again...sleeping top to tail,even in a single bed, is pretty intense for a week :)
so im letting her sleep for awhile more.
it has FINALLY stopped raining
but its a national holiday, which means everything is closed :(

we went to this big shopping centre...bout 30mins walk away yesterday
and i got

ive been on the lookout for a lovely winter coat for a couple years now, and ive finally found it
its pale grey, comes down to the middle of my shin, fitted on top and a-line the rest of the way...it has a MASSIVE hood, that totally covers my face, A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
i look like a wizard ^_^
it makes me very happy
and there is no way i would have ever seen anything even close to as nice at home, and i would have regretted not buying it, forever...so yes...thats my coat story

not sure what were going to do today
we talked alot yesterday
my head hurts and id like some breakfast and coffee...
should have bought some yesterday

chelsea is back from prague, so i hope we hang out with her today, shes funny
think were going to watch movies later maybe, that should be nice

so far this has been a very relaxed and calm holiday...everything is lovely to look at, and yeh...people are friendly, which is good:)

not fancying the treck home...itl be a long long one :(


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