Tuesday, October 26, 2010

lindaou adventure :)

today was really good :)
al slept in til about 12, i think she needed it though...she loves her sleep anyway...
then we got ready and headed to the train station which is at the other end of town and got a day ticket to Lindaou and Bregenz...prolie spelling both of those wrong...they are both on Lake Constance, which looks like the ocean...only Bregenz is in Austria, and Lindaou is in Germany, so we went there first, because they didnt have a national holiday, which meant that things were open.
Got the train, prolie took all of 20 mins to get there...its great because you get this amazing view of everything...the mountains, all snow covered and lovely...the fields, with its bell wearing cows...buildings...people...people are outside alot here...there are so many walkways and paths and little pedestrian roads...they all love walking, cycling and walking their dogs...its really sweet.
so i was in my element on the train, just looking out the window the entire time...

Lindaou is sort of like a peninsula...it juts out into the lake,so its the last stop on the train, which is handy. Of course coming into the train station, what do i spot first, outside, only this amazingly different coloured wooden shingled roof...ontop of this tower... 'alex we have to go over there...'
we got food first, because we were both half starved, and then she took me on a walk, over to the amazing building, which had a lovely fluffy calico cat sitting at the foot of it...of course i have photo evidence but that will have to wait for awhile im afraid :(
Walking behind the building, you are elevated from the busy road below, and this tiny walk way opens up. i saw the dinkiest little houses...with hanging metal hearts in the windows, and what appeared to be handmade curtains...and climbing ivy...so quaint
then this passageway opened up to a courtyard which you had to decend via slippery, autume coloured fallen leaf steps...'now, dont look up...'
so i didnt, and once we got to the cobbled stones below al said...'right, look up now and see if you can spot the surprise'
so i looked up at the amazing buildings, and the ivy and everything...there was a fountain thing there with the characters from the wizard of oz, minus dorothy, ...and in one of the highest windows of one of the buildings, a metal, realistic figure of a crow...
'a crow?' and i point...
'jesus...i didnt even see that the first time...but no...look again'
so i look and survey and spin around...and there it is, a while cat, up above where we had just come from...a lovely statue of a white cat...

Lindaou was full of little surprises like that...there was a shop and all it sold was cat and owl things...aprons, tea cozys, figuriens, statues, ornaments, mugs...i was overwhelmed...totally...
alot of the buildings here have things painted on the outside, which i think is pretty lovely...and the trees are so straight here, i can hardly believe it...
after getting a coffee that i had to throw away, it was THAT bad, we walked out to the pier, which had a massive statue of a lion, about half the size of the lighthouse, at the end of it...and amazing views of the snow covered mountains, as the sun was setting. it is so rediculously beautiful here. it really would take your breath away.
Me and al had alot of fun today. We both got on so well...which is a giant relief.
Were back at the house now, hanging out with chelsea, who is so funny, she has me in stitches...shes coming over to ireland after halloween, which should be fun

tomorro...have to print off al's plane tickets, have to buy our train tickets...have to exchange a top i bought for a different size...and anything else that happens is a bonus.

its nice hanging out with alex. i missed hanging out with her :)

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