Monday, October 25, 2010

still raining...doughnuts are calling

so...the irish weather followed me over
i rained all day yesterday and looks set on doing the same today.

me and al just satyed in for the most part yesterday. theres nothing to do on a sunday. the shops dont open...its actually illegal...pubs dont open til late in the evening...and...yeh...nothing to do
so we sat in her room watching season 3 of skins, which ive not seen yet, so that was good :)
then when the rain sort of cleared up a little bit, we went for a walk...thats what the austrians do...they go walking. theres this pathway that runs next to the river, miles of it. so we walked along that, with a cheerful sunflower orange unberella. we came across a playground and hung out there for a few minutes, before heading back...and watching inbetweeners.
i hope today is a little better. not that there was anything wrong with yesterday. its like to get out of the room for a little while
but its raining again today...:(
were meant to be going out for a few tonight, so thatl be nice, to meet her friends...theyve all been in prague for the it should be fun:)
al is still asleep...
ill wake her in awhile
so we can go...somewhere...

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