Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I used to say this, because this (for me) used to be true.
I wasn't one of those kids that got lost in a book.
You wouldn't find me with a flash light, under my bed sheet, reading into the dead of night.
I didn't go to the library after school...

There was a traveling book fair that came to our school...maybe twice a year.
About a week beforehand, a little thin newsprint brochure was sent home with all the kids of books that would be on sale...I would put a little x next to or circle the books that I liked the look of, literally...

But read them...I don't think I ever did.

I distinctly remember reading The Island of the Blue Dolphin; Sarah, Plain and Tall; Where the Red Fern Grows and Great Expectations
I think I mite have sort of liked the first two...the last two I hated so much that at the time I would have made it my mission to gather up all the copies of each in the world and host a massive bon fire...

I love the smell of old books.
I love the feel of them.
And I do, like the look of them.
And now that Im a lot older, and Im not being forced to read anything against my will (it seems that when Im being forced to do something, I automatically reject it, even if I mite have liked it otherwise)
Ive started to get around to the idea of reading...
And not necessarily books that have pictures in them...

And, Mr. Warhol, I assure you..
If you had been around for the Harry Potter series
Pictures or no pictures, 
you would have definitely read them.

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