Sunday, January 16, 2011

dress swoon

do you want to know what true happiness looks like....??

arrange a shopping tip with me, that 'just happens'...but make sure that there are several things in that shop that we are going to that are going to fit me perfectly, look like they were 'made for me' are are on sale.

watch the fireworks

Me and mum went to Ballina today. Sometime before Christmas, we had gone over, and she had seen a few things in Shaws that she like the look of and wanted to see if she could pick them up on sale. I guess everyone else had the same idea, and none of the things she had in mind were left (very disheartening...mum rarely if ever goes clothes when she does, its nice for her to come home with what she wants) while she was looking through everything, to try and find something, I absentmindedly picked up a small armful of various dresses, cropped cardis, and things i thought were dresses, but turned out to be long top...things...I circled the department store, several times, making sure, if there was anything that had a chance of coming home with me, it did not get left behind...I was having fun...picking up things, I would never actually buy, because they were just that little bit too expensive for what they were...

But low and behold...the first two dresses that I had spotted as I walked into shows, were actually made for me...mum just stood and looked, with her mouth ajar...
I never ever ever have luck buying clothes...I usually leave it so long, that Im literally in a uniform because I just wear the same things over and over...but recently, I don't know what it is...the cosmos are lineing up, the plants are in the right spaces, and Im managing to find some killer dresses, for next to nothing...that look. fantastic.

Dorothy Perkins

where would you go wrong?

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