Friday, January 21, 2011

I think this is true for a lot of people, in a lot of different ways
People put up these massive fortresses around themselves...sometimes it is so obvious, sometimes there are different charms and incantations on the walls, we cant even see them...we seem to walk through them, like mist...feeling there is nothing there keeping us out of that other person.
Just because the walls are invisible, doesn't mean they aren't there...just because you cant see something, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

And often, these walls are so strong, so much stronger then the ones that we can see.
The fact that we can see the visible ones, means that we can start pulling them down...
The invisible ones...we don't see, we cant assess how strong or weak, or what they are made of...what tools we need to start taking them down.

I know its a thing I have to accept. People put up walls for different reasons. Either something has happened in the past, maybe they never had need for walls and moats and booby traps and dragons and armies...but something happened, and all that was developed within them...layers of protection...

It is such a pity. That life can make us so hard.
Wouldn't it be amazing, if everyone could just be themselves, whatever that is..and that everyone would be accepted, exactly the way they are, in whatever shape they come. That there would be no need for pretense, or masks, or kind words, when there was no feeling behind them. Wouldn't it all be grand in there were no walls, and everyone, was as strong or as weak as they actually are, without have to carry around the cavalry with them everywhere...
It must be so exhausting carting around all those bricks everywhere...when it would just be so much easier to let people in...
Just because they are with in the walls, doesn't mean that they are moving in...they don't have to stay there forever...that what the door is can tell them to go back from where they came...
Just for a moment, wouldn't life be swell if there was no more bull and everyone was themselves...and everyone got on

And everyone was happy

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