Thursday, January 13, 2011

The rain has eased now...I can just barely hear it
But the wind is picking up, and every so often a little fairy gale hits the window

Its the sound of summer, as I half remember/ half imagine it
The sound of hot, sticky, waves of air, rushing through the screens on the windows...bringing with them the humid, damp promise of thunder storms and torrential rain.

The sound of sleepless nights, tossing and turning when there was no air conditioning...
And when there was, tossing and turning, because the room was too cold then, and the mix of hot real air, and icey fake air made sleeping conditions unthinkable.

Its a sound of darkness...because you rarely hear that sort of groaning wind in the day time...covered by the sound of business as usual, and talk and cars and adds and radio, music drowns all other things out.

Its like the sound of the sea.
Such a lullaby to me
The repeat
The chorus
The washing away and repitition of that

A mark on the sand
There one moment
Gone the next.

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