Saturday, January 15, 2011

If I should become a Stranger

Went to work with mum tonight, Jackie's in Ballindine...
She doesn't technically need my help, but I don't like the idea of her going on her own, and setting up, when I can just do it for her...and the drive there and back...and then singing to possibly no one...

But it was fine...I'd never gone with her there before, so it was nice to a way.

Anyhow...she sang this...and it brought tears to my little peepers...
Mums voice is just so strong, and certain songs she sings...well I cant help but cry.

This isn't her...but until I record her singing shall do




  1. oh shelly this is such a poignant post .....connie , what a ledge and you as her sentinal and presence simply MUST record connie singing , she is a true working real artist (as are you)

  2. Oh, Jane you should have seen her last night...what a ledge is right! Connie Gold For The Win! Ill definitely record her, the next time she does that particular song anyhow... She really could give all those x factor contestants a run for their money :D