Wednesday, December 29, 2010


(new dress...I may need to go back to Swap and buy 10 more...that is the love I have for it)

In my travels within the four walls of my 9x9 foot room, I came across my comment book from my exhibition. These are just a select few that I liked the most.
I LOVE people's handwriting...

Mum (the owl)

Jane...I know her handwriting...eventhough she didn't sign it ^_^

Then these last two images are from the book "sweet Olive & other stories" by natalia drumnadubea....I prolie have that all spelled wrong...but Im sure I will be corrected in time. Jane lent me the little handmade book a few weeks ago, and I just started reading it a few days ago...It is super cute, and Im really enjoying it.

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