Monday, December 27, 2010

short one

Yes yes...we awoke this morning, to find that the snow had indeed turned to rain last night...and the lovely blanket that was insulating everything, and keeping us hostage within our own homes (in a nice way) had dissipated over night...BIG SAD FACE....Of course every is delighted...Im not tho. I LOVE the snow. Snow is...well i could just talk about it forever couldn't I???  So I wont go down that road again...but basically its gone now...and Im quite sad about that, and not so secretly wishing that it comes back bigger and better :D

Ive laughed so much in the past couple of was definitely needed. I think its really important to just laugh...laugh at everything...laugh at nothing. When I get really nervous, or stressed, or worried, or upset, I have a tendency to just laugh hysterically, until I cry laughing. This is a relatively new thing...I used to just curl up in a ball and cry. Not any more. Why waste energy crying, when you could laugh about it. Laugh about the ridiculousness of a situation, or the stupidity of someone or something that is happening that you have no control over any way. Happy laughter is the best of feels the nicest and healthiest...but anything is better then crying...and spoiling your eyeliner ;)

I've always been good at listening...yes...I'll just give myself a little pat on the back while I'm at it :) I think I have this invisible beacon attached to the top of my head...and it sends out these silent but potent signals to EVERYONE..."Come...Talk to me...I'm here" I seem to have inherited it from mum...people just talk to her, and always have...I don't know, if she wasn't my mother, I don't think I would find it very easy to talk to her...actually...If I was someone else...I don't know that I would find it all that easy to talk to me either...but people do...and it always surprises me when it happens. People just open up for some reason. I don't even know if there is a real reason for it...or if its a chemical thing...who knows...But I do like being talked to...even if Im just a backdrop for someones monologue...or a sound board...regurtateing what they have said back to them, in a different way, to give them clarity...Its a nice thing to be able to do. To be able to be THERE and LISTEN to someone, really HEAR what they are saying, so that they know you could say it all back to them, word for word. I like being able to do that. I think its really the one thing that I can say that Im good at. And that enough for me.

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