Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post Christmas

Yesterday was interesting...This year everything was slightly knocked out of whack...firstly because mum was working Christmas Eve...which meant that we didn't go to Midnight mass for the first time...ever...I think. And as much as I would rather not have to go to mass, in general...midnight mass is lovely. Its candle lit and the music and atmosphere really get you in the 'Christmas mood'...And it reminds us of Christmasses in the past...and its just nice. But we didn't go, because it wouldn't be the same without mum there. Also, we didn't have the usual of Bridie and her family popping over...they ALWAYS come over Christmas Eve, just after we've forgotten that they are coming, they arrive. So that didn't happen this year, because they had no water in the house and had to get it sorted before Christmas day because they were having I think it was 15 or 18 for Christmas dinner...0.0

So no visitors...and then yesterday morning, WE didn't have any water, which meant that we couldn't have showers...which is a disaster, to say the least...Im not even going to write how many DAYS it has been since I had a shower...because it is far too depressing...Any up, and made myself as  clean as possible for mass...mum got home from work, literally got changed, and we all piled into the car and headed for town. The church was freezing, but there was a big enough crowd. Grace's dad was sat behind us, and I shook his hand and wished him a Happy Christmas...there were a few people I recognized...a lot of people have grown up a lot since I last say them...which makes me feel old, and out of the I really don't live here at harm, right?
The priest, should have gotten someone to proofread EVERYTHING he was going to say, or at least coached him on the proper places to pause for dramatic effect, or to take a breath, because me and the boy were in stitches...the things he was saying...poor could not have sounded more wrong...0.0

When we got home, mum got the sprouts ready and did the turkey, sort of and then I chased her to bed, because she looked like a ghost, she was so tired...And I got everything else, bar the spuds, on the go...My Artichoke heart and white nut Nutloaf...the ham, the roast veg...salad...etc etc...The nut loaf too way longer then the 20mins it says in the recipe to prepare...where they got that time allocation from, I will never know...Mite have been partly because I didn't want to dirty to food processor, so I just pestle and mortar the shit out of the nuts...and this year I added mushrooms, and 4 cloves of garlic, instead of messing around with onions...I also put in linseed and made my own breadcrumbs for it...

Last year, mum made it all up the night before, because she was working Christmas day, I think...So I did all the food for the boys, and totally forgot to cook my nut loaf in time to eat it with everyone this year, I just did everything...While simultaneously chasing the men out of the kitchen because they were doing my head in. Men People should not come near me when I am cooking. Just. In general. Especially when they are either asking how long something will be...or telling me that I am doing something wrong...

He got the job of setting the table. So once that was done, he listened to music in the kitchen for awhile, and we had crackers...And I took pictures of the tree ^_^

Everything surprisingly went very well. Nothing got burned, everything got cooked and to the table at the same time...everything was tasty (eventhough Im pescitarian and couldn't possibly be able to cook an awesome MEAT dinner) Two years in a row...empty plates...I think the results speak for themselves ^_^

So yesterday was good...we didn't sit down for dinner till about half 5/6 o'clock...the men were starving and I was tired. Then after that, we all crashed pretty much immediately afterward. We had open presents after mass, so that was all out of the way. Watched the end of happy feet...0.0...the end of Corrie...god forbid dad missed that, now that the tv is up and running again, thankfully...and got most of Eastenders...Stacy is gone :( bummer. I liked her.

Then Eoghain reminded us of the time, and that we really should head over to Bridie's...unless we wanted to look "odd"...heaven forbid. So shlaped a bit of paint of...and went over there...thankfuly everyone was well on their way, which meant that I got off with drinking head is still splitting from going out in town the other night...cant understand why. Got some good out craic out of Patrick...he is hilarious. Met my cousin's daughter for the first time...she is SO big...not a baby anymore at all !!! And very cute :) Found out I was related to 2 people, very distantly, that NO ONE wants to be related to...but also found out that we are in some way related to Jane's husband...which means that Jane's kids are actually very very very distant cousins of mine...or something, which was cool :) Basically I am related to EVERYONE in this general area. So there really is no hope for me or Eoghain. NEED TO GET OUT OF THIS TOWN...
Annette was the drunkest I've ever seen her...she was trying to get me to irish dance 0.0 no thanks...but, despite all of, boy, oisine, pat and claire (new cousin) were the last ones standing...which just goes to show, that a lot can happen in a year.

Now. The tea has been made. And Im still in my pjs. Don't really see the point in dirtying more clothes.

The only thing that I missed yesterday, was Alex, Grace and Liudas. I've always seen the 3 of them Christmas day at some point, to exchange presents. So that was a bit weird. But its ok. Everything is ok.

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